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Crave Brothers Farm

We milk Holstein cows on our rural Wisconsin dairy farm. The cows are fed homegrown, high quality forages consisting of corn, alfalfa and soybeans. Our farm emphasizes conservation and sustainable practices, while consideration is given to what is best for the environment, the cows and the consumer. Our pampered cows receive plenty of exercise, fresh air and individualized care. The cow’s manure is converted into energy and organic fertilizer through a manure digester located on our farm. Cows are bedded with composted manure solids from the manure digester.

Innovation and hard work have characterized the farm. In 1999, we discussed how to grow our business and offer opportunities for future generations. We wanted to use our own high quality milk to produce specialty cheeses for the consumer. Our cheese factory was constructed in 2001. The milk is piped directly from the dairy farm to the cheese factory within hours of milking for an incredibly flavorful, truly farmstead cheese.

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Dairy Herd Facts

  • 2,100 cows

  • 30,600 lb herd average

  • 2,500 acres

  • 1000 calves born each year

  • Heifers graze in the spring, summer and fall

Crave Brothers work in cooperation with other local farmers for custom feed harvesting, custom heifer raising, and machinery sharing. We raise our crops using sustainable methods including minimum tillage and crop rotation. Our cropland is fertilized with recycled nutrients from our manure digester. In addition, our manure digester produces enough electricity to power our farm, cheese factory and over 300 area homes making us a carbon negative company.

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