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Farmers Rope & Oaxaca

Our Farmer’s Rope is a farm fresh handmade deli string cheese. It is shaped like a rope and it forms “strings” when pulled apart. Enjoy the full creamy flavor. Great for shredding and melting too! Look for our coiled rope™* string cheese!


*The coiled rope product configuration is a protected trademark of Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, LLC.

Fun rope-coil shaped mozzarella string cheese.


Perfect to use as a garnish for soups.

Recipe Applications

  • Melt on pizzas, shred onto quesadillas and nachos

  • Use as a garnish for soups

  • Serve as an after-school snack with fruit and veggies

Pair with

  • Dried or fresh apples

  • Pilsner or Sparkling Apple Cider


Pasteurized, Part-Skim Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures, Enzymes

Farmers Rope

Our fun to eat mozzarella string cheese in our original rope coil.

Farmers Rope String Cheese Skinny Sticks

Retail pack of skinny String Cheese sticks.


Our Mexican style part skim mozzarella tied in a knot. Offered in various sizes.

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