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Our Cow Care

Our cows on Crave Brothers Farm have comfortable, healthy, and safe living environments. They have access to water and special formulated diets designed for their specific age and maturity 24 hour a day. They have barns that are climate controlled so that they are not hot in the summer or cold in the winter. In the warmer months they have open ventilation, sprinkler systems. and fans to keep them cool. In the colder months they have closed, warm barns. We reuse the dried, odorless fibers left over from the methane digester for comfortable cow bedding year round. Our animals also have year-round hoof care and health care programs to keep them happy and healthy. 

What do they eat? 

Our cows, when at maturity are fed TMR or Total Mixed Rations. This consist of hay silage, corn silage, dry hay, brewers grain, distillers grain, cotton seed, dry ground corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals. The cows also have 24/7 access to cold and clean water systems and salt blocks.

Cow Comfort:

The cows live in climate controlled bars with adjustable curtain sidings that allow for temperature control. In the warmer months they have fans and sprinkler systems to keep them cool. They also have back scratchers and massagers. The cows have comfortable, dry, odorless bedding made from the left over dried material from the methane digestion process. Since we live in Wisconsin where the ground is frozen most of the year, our cows are on pasture during the warmer months. 

Cow Health:

Our animals have around the clock individualized cow care. Each animal is given an identification tag which helps us with our virtual systems, to keep track of any medical or health attention for that animal. 

Our animals are cared for 24/7, year round, rain or shine. Yes, this means on Holidays too!!

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