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3rd Generation Farmers

The Crave Brothers were raised on a 40-cow dairy farm near Beloit, Wisconsin where their father Robert Crave sold their cows. Then in 1978, after completing short course at UW-Madison, Charles and George began farming together in Mount Horeb, milking 57 cows on a rented farm. They purchased their Waterloo, Wisconsin dairy farm in 1980 with the goal of building a successful agribusiness. Brothers Tom and Mark later joined the partnership.  In 2015 the next generation became owners including Andy, Jordan and Patrick Crave.  With the help of the Brothers’ father Bob Crave, there are now three generations of Craves on the farm and cheese factory every day! We currently have 11 family members active in the business!

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Meet our Family and Team

George 1.jpg

George Crave

Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese President and Founder

Head cheesemaker, founder and former President of Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese. 

Brand Ambassador 

Mark 3.jpg

Mark Crave

General Manager Crave Brothers Farm and Operating Partner

Oversees general financial and operations management. 


Patrick Crave

Herd Manger and Owner

Overall herd management including herd health and genetics. 

Andy Crave

Maintenance Manager and Owner

Manages the maintenance and repairing of equipment at both the cheese factory and farm. Head of the feeding department at Crave Brothers Farm.

Beth 1.jpg
Beth Crave

Director of Quality Assurance and Customer Service 

Communicates with customers, suppliers, and quality personnel for Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese.

Jim Schultz

Operations Manager Crave Brothers Farm

Works with the dairy herd and assists with maintaining dairy facilities and operations. Including milk parlor management.

Brian Crave

Licensed Cheesemaker, Pasteurizer and CIP Operator

Cheesemaker and CIP Operator at Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese LLC.

Roseanne Crave

Sales and Marketing Manager

Manages marketing efforts, PR, advertising, social media platforms, advertising and sales.

Duane Schoenherr

Crave Brothers Farm

Feeding of cows and calves.

Crave-Bros-Logo2_HALFOVAL-e1544715495953 (1).png
Crave Brothers Farm and Farmstead Cheese Staff

We have roughly 80 full time employees who work hard to produce our award-winning cheeses! From starting with the crops and cows all the way to the end product our consumers enjoy!

Charlie 4.jpg

Charlie Crave

Founder Crave Brothers Farm

Founding member.


Thomas Crave

Founder Crave Brothers Farm

Founding member.


Jordan Crave

Crop and Forage Manager and Owner

Manages schedules for field tilliage, fertility, and harvest. Maintaining soil and field quality and health.

Debbie 1.jpg
Debbie Crave

Vice President of Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

Brand Ambassador Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese.

Kurt Premo

Production Manager Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

Cheesemaker. Coordinates schedules for milk and cheese production. Determines factors for cheese type variation and production.

DFW logo.png
Adam Falbo

Oversees employees and manages our outsourced consultants. Oversees operations.

General Manager Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

Jacob Crave

Crave Brother Farm and Farmstead Cheese

Works part time in production and assists with CIP operations. College student. 

Paul Crave

Photography & Landscaping

Works on the farm and cheese factory and does photography for the family and business.

Ann Renforth

Customer Service Manager

Manages orders, inventory and customer service.

Sonia Garcia Tonche

Packaging and Production Manager

Manages production and packaging staff at Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese.

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