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Crave Brothers Holsteins

Crave Zenith Gracious-EX-91

Sire: Oceanview Zenith 
Dam: Benry CBF Mirage Girly – EX 91
Granddam: Hannview Leader Gerdie – EX 92 
2007 Reserve Jr All-American Spring Yearling 
HHM All-American Spring Yearling 
First spring yearling International JR Holstein Show

 Reserve Jr Champion International Jr Holstein Show
Third spring yearling International Holstein Show

Crave Zenith Gracious

Crave Reginald Genevieve-EX-93 

Sire: Reagan-Crest Reginald
Dam: Crave Zenith Gracious- EX-91
Granddam: Benry CBF Mirage Girly – EX 91
2013 Calf Champion, WI Jr State Fair

2013 Jr Grand Champion Dodge Co Fair


Crave Sanchez Glory-EX-92

Sire: Sanchez 
am: Crave Zenith Gracious – EX-91
Granddam: Hannview Leader Girly- EX-91  
Offspring: Crave Attic Gabrielle- EX-91


Crave Attic Gabrielle-VG-87

Sire: Alandale Attic
Dam: Crave Sanchez Glory – EX 92 2E
Granddam: Crave Zenith Gracious – EX 91 
Offspring: Crave Expander Gabe, 2019 Jordy, Drifter, and Doc calves

Crave Atwood Anna-EX-91

Sire: Atwood
am: Crave Zenith Gracious EX-91
Granddam: Benry CBF Mirage Girly – EX 91
Offspring: Crave Awesome Annabell

2016 Reserve Grand Champion WI State Fair  
2016 Honorable Mention Jr All American Spring Yearling


Crave Atwood Peach-EX-90

Sire: Atwood
Dam: Crave Dusky Penny- VG-88
Granddam: Crave Terrason Penny- VG-85
2018 Honorable Mention JR All American Milking Yearling 
2018 High Honorable Mention All American Milking Yearling 


Comestar Larion Goldwyn-Ex-94

Sire: Larion
Offspring: Sun-Made Crush Crayola: nominated All Canadian Spring Yearling,

Sun-Made Crave Doorman Diane: 2nd place Winter Calf 2019 World Dairy Expo,

Sun-Made Crave Jacoby Jazz: 2019 Jr Champion  WI Championship Show,

Sun-Made Crave Jacoby Jinx
2014 Jr Champion World Dairy Expo 
2014 Reserve Jr Champion Royal Winter Fair

Crave Solomon Sophia 

Sire: Solomon
Dam: Crave Zenith Gracious -EX-91
Granddam: Benry CBF Mirage Girly – EX 91
Offspring: Doc calf
2018 Calf Champion Wisconsin Jr State Fair


Crave Dusk Penny-VG-88

Sire: Scientific SS Dusk
Dam: Crave Terrason Penny VG-85
2011 First fall calf Midwest Spring National
Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show
Honorable Mention Jr. Champ, Open Show

HF25582 Crave Dusk Penny.JPG

Crave Terrason PEnny-VG-85

Sire: Inwood Terrason 
Dam: Crave Rubens Penny – Ex 90
Offspring: Crave Dusk Penny 
2008 Jr All-American Milking Yearling
2008 First milking yearling International Jr Holstein Show 
2008 8th milking yearling International Holstein Show

Crave ASpen Asia-EX-91

Sire: Aspen

Offspring: Crave Laurin Asia, 4 Atwood February and March calves
2008 HHM Jr All-American Fall Calf
2009 Jr All-American Fall Yearling
1st fall yearling and Jr Champ International Jr Holstein Show 
8th fall yearling International Holstein Show
1st fall yearling Midwest Spring National Show
1st fall yearling Wisconsin State Championship Show
1st fall yearling Wisconsin State Fair Junior Show
2010 HHM Jr All-American Senior 2 Year Old
3rd Senior 2 Year Old International Jr Holstein Show

HF24600 Crave Aspen Asia.JPG
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