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Shrimp and Grit Arancini, Grilled Corn, Pepper, Lemon-Pepper Whipped Mascarpone, Dill Oil

Prep Time:

Cook Time:




About the Recipe


For the Grits and Shrimp-

  • 2C Coarse Grits

  • 1Qt. Chicken Stock, Plus More for Adjusting

  • 1Qt. Heavy Cream (grits)

  • 1C Mascarpone, Crave Brothers

  • 12 U10 Shrimp, Cleaned

  • 2C Heavy Cream (shrimp)

  • 1/2C White Wine

  • 2C Flour, AP

  • 3 Eggs, Whole, Plus Equal Parts Milk

  • 2C Cornmeal

  • Salt and Pepper, as Needed

  • Skewers, 3.5in. Bamboo, or something of the same      caliber.

For the Lemon-Pepper Mascarpone-

  • 6g Lemon Zest, Fresh

  • 150g Mascarpone, Crave Brothers

  • Salt and Pepper, as Needed

For the Pepper and Corn-

  • 9 Yellow Sweet Corn, In Husk

  • 3 Bell Peppers, Red

  • 3T Butter, Unsalted

  • 4T Chicken Stock

  • Oil, Neutral, as Needed

  • Salt and Pepper, as Needed

For the Dill Oil

  • 13g Dill, Leaves, Picked

  • 30g Oil, Neutral


  1. First, bring together the chicken      stock and heavy cream for the grits to a boil, add grits, and whisk on      medium flame every 2 minutes. Turn the heat down if the grits are sticking      to the bottom too much. Grits should take about 45-60 minutes to be cooked      but cook them extra thick. Finish with the mascarpone, season with salt      and pepper, cool down on full sheet pan spread out thin.

  2. Bring the heavy cream and white      wine to a simmer, season with salt. Skewer the individual shrimp from the      top to the bottom to make it straight, poach in the liquid for 45 seconds,      take out and rapidly cool.

  3. Get shells off the corn. Rub oil on      the corn and peppers and grill the on all sides until the corn is charred      and the peppers are black. Wrap up the peppers for 15 minutes to steam,      peel outside, de-seed, and medium dice. Cut corn off the cob and chill. To      finish the veg, you bring everything together in a large sauté pan with      the chicken stock to a boil, when there is little liquid left, finish with      the butter, season.

  4. Bring a small pot of water to a      rapid boil, blanch dill, drain water, add to the blender with the oil,      puree until it comes together, then separates. Strain the oil in      cheesecloth sieve over an ice bath, reserve oil cold.

  5. Whip the mise for the mascarpone      together and reserve cold.

  6. Set up a station for breading the      shrimp arancini, flour, whisked eggs, then cornmeal, Season each layer. Wrap      the thicker part in the cooled grits, leaving the tail sticking out, make      the best circle you can at the bottom, making it look a bit like a chicken      drum. Standard Breading Procedure, and finish in the fryer at 325 until      golden brown and delicious.

Place with the mascarpone at the bottom under the rim in a tight circle, place down the veg on one part, add two grit arancini on top of veg, then dill oil around with the mascarpone. Picture included.

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